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Guerrilla News Network


The Guerrilla News Network (formerly was founded in 2000. It was way ahead of its time, producing hard-hitting alternative news stories rarely reported in the mainstream media.


GNN was the first open source news network online and won numerous awards for our short newsvideos, hard-hitting mini-documentaries designed to engage a younger generation -raised on music videos and advertising- in news.


I worked as Canada Bureau Chief for GNN from 2001-2006, producing short documentaries, sourcing stories and managing our operations in Canada.

IBM and the Holocaust

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor


Author Edwin Black dissects IBM’s links to Hitler and his so- called ‘Final Solution’, providing the Third Reich with census machines and punch card technology.


Cut to the pulsing hypnotica of Mitchell Akiyama.


Directorial debut for Guerrilla News Network.


The Most Dangerous Game



The second ever Guerrilla News Network NewsVideo uncovering the truth behind Nazi and US psychological operations.


The secret history of mind control programs: from the covert operations of Nazi scientists to the illegal brainwashing experiments of the CIA on unsuspecting psychiatric patients.


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