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SNAPSHOT In a span of 2 years, I spotted weights for Martha Stewart on her TV show, filmed an execution in Virginia, wrote overnight newscasts for CNN and Fox News, cast MTV’s Jerry Springer Show, and shot an interview of the Dalai Lama.


What followed was 20 years as a media producer, director, strategist and social entrepreneur.

I have a knack for inspiring trust with people, anticipating trends ahead of the mainstream, and am a connector with a network of leaders and entrepreneurs from over 70 countries.


With strengths as a communicator, listener and organizer, I aspire to help clients, such as NGOs and companies,
maximize their impact and realize their goals, by offering them fresh perspectives, strategies

and measurable plans of action.


Since the Fall of 2015, my show The Street Speaks has been broadcast in Montreal on Videotron's local community channel MaTV, also available to Illico subscribers. The show is an evolution of the bilingual Quelque  Show.

The Street Speaks is part spontaneous speakers corner, part public therapy session with everyday Montrealers captured on camera. I also feature a variety of local Montreal artists, who perform short pieces atop The Street Speaks soapbox.

WATCH the first episode below and goto the Matv website where there are show details and tv listings.

Keep in touch with The Street Speaks on Facebook.

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