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Mojumbo Media Group


In 2010, I co-founded a cause-related communications agency, specializing in creative branding, social campaigns, and marketing.


My responsibilities included sales, strategic and creative development, project management and video production.


Below are a couple of short videos produced for two of our clients. (

My After Sex Buddy

Producer, Co-Director, Co-Writer, Camera, Editor


Ad produced for the world's first after sex doll...


- Attentive and loving even after climax;

- Cute and cuddly;

- Eliminates awkward after sex moments;

- Heatable, stuffed with cotton and flax seed;

- Hand-made, fair trade.



Not Superheroes

Co-Writer, Director, Camera, Editor


Mojumbo developed the bilingual Caregivers Are Not Superheroes campaign to highlight the overwhelming demands that millions of caregivers face each day.


Using the popular comic book slogan "I can't leap over tall buildings" as our inspiration, "I am not a superhero"  solidified the message that caregivers should not be expected to provide 24 hr/day care without proper support from the healthcare system.


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