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Sex, Sneakers & Graffiti


I access characters and penetrate communities before they become available to the mainstream.


Three examples:

Graffiti 101: For Ages 40 and Up

Producer, Director, Camera, Co-Editor


Produced for Bravo Canada.


Features Montreal graffiti icons Sterling Downey, Turf One, Dyske and Cyse.


Sneaker Pimpin' Promo

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor


From multimillion dollar athletic endorsement deals to sweatshop poverty, a promo about sneaker culture and the one-upping-ego-tripping world of hip hop.



Promo for a documentary about sneaker culture featuring Jay Z producer and sneaker-head Just Blaze and sneaker connaisseur Bobbito Garcia.


Selling Sex in Montreal
Producer, Co-Director, Co-Camera, Co-Editor
Video training project for fellow Sauve Scholar Sherry Lee, Taiwanese print journalist.


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