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The Shadow Reports on CBC Television


This 5-part series was produced for CBC News to attract younger viewers.


Armed only with a digital camera and a microphone, I, along with video-journalist-in-training Amy Wong, explore some of the day's most pressing social issues by shadowing the people whose stories are under-reported in mainstream media.



Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Yassin Alsalman, aka The Narcicyst, is a Montreal hip hop artist born in Iraq. I follow him to the Canada-US border and discover what life after 9/11 is like for a Muslim.



Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

I follow "Kevin", a 15-year-old ex-street-gang member who lives in Montreal's NDG neighbourhood.



Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Meet John Hamilton, a film executive who makes biodiesel in his parents’ garage, and runs his Volkswagen TDI on it.



Producer, Co-Director, Co-Camera, Editor

Claude Genest is an actor and TV show host turned “permaculturalist". He’s passionate about convincing people that a fully sustainable lifestyle is not only easy and good for our health, but can actually be achieved.



Producer, Editor

We follow Korey Friesen, a successful 24-year-old model who claims that working in the beauty industry is not as glamorous as it appears.


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