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Video Advocacy


Video advocacy opens the eyes of the world to human rights violations and can help people transform their personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change.

Jeanne Sauvé Foundation


In 2004, I was a recipient of a Jeanne Sauvé Scholarship.


Each year, the Foundation brings 12 under-30-year-old social change innovators from around the world to Montreal's McGill University where they spend 9 months honing their leadership skills in whatever social project they have chosen.


During my tenure, I co-founded the national non-profit Apathy Is Boring and I also conducted intensive trainings with my fellow scholars in video production and advocacy.  I later worked for the Foundation as a consultant, training scholars from over 40 countries.


Witness Foundation


This organization, founded by Peter Gabriel, is considered the pioneer in video advocacy. Witness trains human rights activists with video and technology tools and provides them with mentorship to deploy publicity campaigns and use of video evidence in international human rights courts.


I have collaborated with Witness by:


- Conducting Using Video for Social Change workshops

- Mentoring Witness-trained female activists from Iraq and Jordan

- Contributing writings on online video distribution in their book Video for Change


Institute in Management and Community Development

Montreal's Concordia University has annually hosted over 1000 activists from NGOs and community-based groups from across Canada, offering 100s of workshops.


For five years, I offered courses in video advocacy, youth engagement and how to use the media to get your message out.



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