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Youth Engagement and Media


Much of my work has centered around catalyzing young people to engage in current and civic affairs.

This interest emerged after stints as a writer in the newsrooms of Fox News and CNN and then work for Danny Schechter (The News Dissector) at Globalvision in the late 1990s, where I was introduced to documentary production.


In 2000, I joined the cutting-edge Guerrilla News Network (GNN), creating compelling news programming for youth around the world who were disinterested in the stale news culture.


I co-founded Apathy is Boring, an NGO that captured the attention of Canada’s youth, creating access points for them to engage in Canadian politics.


I have also workshopped adults in government and NGOs attempting to sustainably engage young people in their work.


Some of these clients include:

CBC Television News
National Film Board of Canada
Government of Canada

Institute in Management and Community Development


Alberta Building Trade Unions

The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
A selection of some of the videos I produced for the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation:
Learning to Live like We Plan on Staying Here:
New Approaches to Sustainability Education in Canada



Timeraiser: Building Community One Piece of Art at a Time
Timeraiser: Speed Dating for Volunteerism
Timeraiser: Volunteer Much?
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