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The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.”  - Dwight D. Eisenhower

21st Century Leadership

Do you lack confidence in your role as a manager or leader?


Do you lack certain people skills?


Would you like to create an environment

where your team is eager to come to work,

where an atmosphere of respect, trust and fearlessness prevail?

In my work in broadcast news, as a Public Leadership Sauvé Fellow and then as a consultant to numerous start-ups, government and non-profit organizations, I observed the behaviour of strong leaders, as well as ineffectual ones.


I repeatedly witnessed first hand how the most successful leaders in any domain were masters of communication. They intentionally put value on building trust-based relationships to achieve their goals. As I set out on life’s path and developed my own initiatives, I honed the skills of the most admired leaders, practicing respectful listening and learning to empower others for best results.

In a Free Consultation with you, I will customize a program geared to improve your leadership and communication skills.


As a leader, you will practice:


  • building trust

  • active listening

  • empowering those around you, by putting others first

  • social skills and reading body language

  • tapping into your self-awareness, empathy and personal charisma

  • non-verbal and written communication

  • stimulating participation from your employees

  • communicating verbally and speaking in public

  • storytelling skills

  • inspiring excellence in others

  • how to effect and sustain positive change

And it will be fun!

"Another outstanding quality of Paul is his curiosity and no sense of fear regarding taking on challenges. He is highly disciplined and brings with that a wonderful personality that is both inclusive and demands respect."

         -Danny Schechter, President, Globalvision

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