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"When you're interviewing someone, you're in control. When you're being interviewed, you think you're in control, but you're not."
-Barbara Walters

Interview or Be Interviewed

Does your job entail interviewing people?


Want to vastly improve your interviewing skills?


Or improve your own performance when

being interviewed?

Having been exposed to some of the most prominent interviewers during my work in broadcast news and documentary, and spontaneously engaging hundreds of complete strangers whom I interviewed for my tv program, The Street Speaks, I learned the various ways to build trust quickly, read body language, and encourage folks to open up with their opinions and stories of their lives.


In a Free Consultation, I will customize a coaching or workshop program depending on the needs of you or your group.


As an interviewer, you will practice:


  • unlocking the potential of your subject

  • reading body language and non verbal behaviour

  • building trust quickly

  • being authentic to help your subject to relax and open up

  • being more comfortable with moments of silence

  • using humour 


As an interviewee, you will practice:


  • managing your anxiety during an interview

  • organizing and articulating your thoughts

  • speaking concisely

  • projecting confidence and positivity through body language

And it will be fun!

"I was lucky enough to discover Paul Shore's work as part of my doctoral thesis on the practice of media vox pop. I was able to discuss with him in depth his approach to interviewing for The Street Speaks series notably broadcast on MAtv from 2015 to 2017. Among other things, Paul's interview style stands out for his sincere curiosity, his authentic and empathetic approach, and his ability to create a quick connection with people. His unique experience makes him an excellent coach for anyone wishing to improve their interviewing and communication skills."

     - Cynthia Noury, PhD in Communication /

Facilitator of collaborative approaches

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