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Added Value I Offer

- Monthly brainstorming sessions, to seek creative and strategic ways to improve your business.


- Helping you identify and capitalize on emerging trends and consumer habits (especially in the attention economy.)


- Deepening your understanding of the process of media curation, and the power of media narratives and storytelling in your leadership and business.


- Turning highly technical language into digestible soundbites for stakeholders, investors, prospects and constituents.


- Mentoring for startups and incubation for Founders throughout the entire Product Lifecycle.


- Coaching you on how to better communicate and recognize the communication styles of your co-workers and clients.

"Paul was instrumental in developing our company, providing leadership, advice, and moral support. He was always available with limitless reserves of enthusiasm and encouragement. Under his stewardship, we developed a board of directors, achieved charity status, and increased our fundraising. He constantly connected us with people from his network and helped us think about forging new partnerships. Paul inspires courage in entrepreneurship, leading by example with his many successful projects and initiatives."

- Joseph Shragge, Co-Artistic Director, Scapegoat Carnivale

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