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"Paul has been an essential creative problem solver for us. Always ahead of the curve, his innovative media strategies have consistently helped us to grow and facilitate a deeper level of engagement among our community of young leaders.”

         -James Wright

Former President, Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

"J’ai eu la chance de découvrir le travail de Paul Shore dans le cadre de ma thèse doctorale sur la pratique du vox pop médiatique. J’ai pu discuter avec lui en profondeur de son approche d’entrevue pour la série The Street Speaks notamment diffusée à MAtv de 2015 à 2017. Le style d’entrevue de Paul se démarque entre autres par sa curiosité sincère, son approche authentique et empathique, ainsi que sa faculté à créer une connexion rapide avec les gens. Son expérience unique en fait un excellent accompagnateur pour tous ceux et celles qui désirent améliorer leurs compétences en entrevue et en communication."

          - Cynthia Noury

docteure en communication et facilitatrice de démarches collaboratives

"Paul is a thoughtful, insightful and passionate human being. 

He has an ability to connect dots, identify challenges, and manage relationships in a meaningful way, while always delivering a valuable perspective.

Consistent and detail-oriented, Paul’s communication skills improve those around him." 

          - Rob Wollach

CEO Forvest / Former CEO,  Prosperity IP

"Another outstanding quality of Paul is his curiosity and no sense of fear regarding taking on challenges. He is highly disciplined and brings with that a wonderful personality that is both inclusive and demands respect."

         - Danny Schechter

Former President, Globalvision

"Paul was instrumental in developing our company, providing leadership, advice, and moral support. He was always available with limitless reserves of enthusiasm and encouragement. Under his stewardship, we developed a board of directors, achieved charity status, and increased our fundraising. He constantly connected us with people from his network and helped us think about forging new partnerships. Paul inspires courage in entrepreneurship, leading by example with his many successful projects and initiatives."

- Joseph Shragge

Co-Artistic Director, Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre

"Paul is persistent and compassionate. When he asks a question it is impossible to evade him. And that is what makes him a great reporter."

          – Dennis Berman

Former Global Deals Editor, The Wall Street Journal

"Insightful ideas married to skillful execution. That sums up Paul Shore. Paul’s work drags you in and bathes you in worlds you never knew existed. And he does it honestly and quietly. In a world that’s all about story, Paul Shore sure knows how to spin a meaningful tale!"

          - Bob Presner

President, Beyond the Box™ / Former President, Film Finances Canada

"We can never expect to define or participate in creating a more just world without alternative media. It supports public spaces to counter the overwhelming message in traditional media to conform and accept what is bleak and barren and not what is decent and splendid in life, or in our hopes and dreams. Paul Shore’s work in alternative media is critical to all those who believe we can create a world where social justice informs our actions and personal decisions."

          - Lance Evoy

Founder / Former Director, Institute in Management and Community Development


"Paul, you have the gift of being the Honest Interlocutor. You allow your subjects to feel at such ease that their souls become visible on screen."

          - Anonymous

(from viewer after screening of the film Being Iraqi)

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