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When I was starting out in the broadcast news and documentary businesses,

I was lucky to find a mentor, a seasoned professional who had a wealth of experience in my field.


I wasn't looking for a mentor, but his shared wisdom, guidance and advice have served me to this day.


And yet, in the following years, there were times when, as a film producer, entrepreneur, or business consultant, I thought to myself, "I could really use someone in my life who's got experience I don't have, who's been through this and who can guide me." 


I am eager to share my experiences, mistakes and wisdom with the young leaders and visionaries of the future.

Are you a young leader or entrepreneur?

Do you want to:


-Gain valuable leadership or business advice?

-Learn from the experience and mistakes of a seasoned professional?

-Enhance your professional network?

-Have someone to bounce ideas off of and have someone in your corner you can rely on?

I am a great listener, have a positive attitude, and an open mind. I am honest and will treat you as an equal.

"Paul has been an essential creative problem solver for us. Always ahead of the curve, his innovative media strategies have consistently helped us to grow and facilitate a deeper level of engagement among our community of young leaders.”

         -James Wright, former President, Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

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