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"You are not being judged. The value of what you are bringing to the audience is being judged."  -Seth Godin

Speaking to a Room

In this era of Zoom, FaceTime, texting, messaging and emailing through screens, the intangibles of communicating effectively in public, in person, are lost.


Do you struggle with anxiety when

speaking in public?


With commanding the attention of a room?


With inspiring your audience?

In my capacity as a catalyst- as a founder, a lecturer, a teacher, and consultant, I have studied and put into practice the most effective ways to engage an audience, sustain their curiosity, and empower them to take action.


In a Free Consultation with you, I will customize a program to help you meet your needs and/or those of your group.


As a speaker, you will practice:

  • observing yourself speaking in test settings

  • improving your vocal delivery and body language

  • honing the articulation of your thoughts

  • building trust and inspiring your audience through speech

  • using humour

  • making authentic connections with your audience (employees, partners, or collaborators)

And it will be fun!

"Insightful ideas married to skillful execution. That sums up Paul Shore. Paul’s work drags you in and bathes you in worlds you never knew existed. And he does it honestly and quietly. In a world that’s all about story, Paul Shore sure knows how to spin a meaningful tale!"

          - Bob Presner, President, Beyond the Box™; Former President, Film Finances Canada

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